How to Buy Wine: Your Wine-Buying Gift Guide

Have you ever been at a loss for the perfect gift for a wine loving friend, relative or client?

Buying the perfect gift can be a tricky mission. You might be able to guess where this is heading next: Why not consider giving the gift of a fantastic bottle of wine? 

But even that doesn't completely solve your tricky mission, right? With millions of bottles of wine to choose from, where do you start? If I were a wine geek (okay, I'll admit it, I am), and wanted to impress someone special, what would I choose? It would, of course, depend on the person.


How to Buy Wine: Your Wine-Buying Gift Guide

Every wine drinker from the expert to the social wine drinker knows that even a mediocre bottle can be memorable when it is shared among friends or family. This makes the idea of giving wine related gifts perfect for anyone who wants an excuse to get together with good friends. Use your imagination and try to find something about the person and style or flavor of wine they enjoy. 

Choices from Whites, Sparkling, Rose’, Red…then sweet, dry, fruity or full-body….and the list goes on. With so many wines and so many different personalities, knowing where to look and what to look for can make your mission difficult. Let me help you!

For the Casual Wine Drinker...

Casual wine drinkers, sometimes called "social" wine drinkers, are luckily very easy to please. For this kind of gift, I recommend an easy-to-drink red table wine, such as a California red blend. Many women who are casual wine drinkers prefer white wine, so a well-balanced Chardonnay from California would be ideal. If you're considering something a little more unique, I love the Serra When in doubt, ask the host or one of their friends that you know what they prefer.

For a Good Friend...

Friends stick with the tried and tested; something that you've already enjoyed together at a previous gathering.  A recognizable name doesn't hurt either. If you get a chance, look at the collection of wines they already have, or buy a wine they always talked about or read in a recent magazine. Reserve wines are an excellent and bold choice, while the Grand Reserves are even better and well worth the extra bucks. If you've visited a vineyard recently, buying a bottle from there would be a great conversation starter for you and your friend.

For a Birthday or Anniversary...

Anniversaries or other special occasions require some careful thought and selection. My first recommendation would be a Rosé champagne or Brut Sparkling Wines, such as one from the Bousquet Family in Argentina. They make an Organic Rosé, a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, that is absolutely delicious and moderately priced. This particular wine pairs well with many appetizers and just chilled out of the bottle.

For a Gathering of Friends...

Need a party for the host or hostess, or perhaps to enjoy by the entire party? Italian wines have been enjoyed for generations during special gatherings. Take a look to Abruzzo Region and Nicodemi Montepulciano wines, which come in three different styles of aging. Each one is unique and delicious.

One of my new favorites is from the Piedmont region. The San Silvestro Barbera is a fabulous Italian red wine, boasting tastes of cherry and raspberry that fill your glass with Italian charm and flavors that say “pass the pasta." Enjoy these Italian wines with a seared and roasted veal chop with fresh rosemary or Gnocchi with Bolognese sauce. Trust me, you will be thanking me later.

My Personal Recommendations...

I particularly enjoy wines from California and prefer Dry Creek, Alexander Valley, Paso Robles and, of course, great Napa Valley wines. I suggest the Pezzi King Cabernet Sauvignon or MIRO Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon is outstanding.

Choose wisely and make a selection that they will remember and embrace that moment of celebration for a lifetime. Wines are my passion and friendship create bonds forever.

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