Discover Glorious Spanish Wines

Discovering Spanish wine is a fun adventure for any wine lover.  It's so exciting to share my love for the wines of Spain with you! In the past few years, we have seen Spanish wines become more popular than ever before. We are seeing them enjoyed with a variety of foods all over the world. For these reasons, I hope you'll take a closer look at the Regions of Spain for your next bottle of wine.



Up until recently, Italy and France overshadowed Spain in the world of food and wine. Both Italian and French food and wine were so revered that Spain hardly got a second look. As a result, restaurant or food critics rarely looked to Spain for the Top 100 selection in Wine Spectator or Food magazine. But, over time, Spain made its name in the world of wine.

Spanish wines span eight prominent regions. These regions deliver high quality and value with each bottle. The land, soils and innovation of the winemakers throughout Spain has been recognized and rewarded. The Spaniards' valiant effort means they pour their heart and soul into their wines. As a result, the final product is a wonderful experience. I get excited as I look at these bottles and wait to chill and pop them open to release these wonderful flavors that dance on our palates!


Recently, at one of our Wine Passport programs, we featured some unique Spanish wine from the Rioja, Galicia, Valencia, Priorat and Ribera del Duero regions. We tasted a Rose, Albariño, GarnachaTempranillo and a Red Blend with Samso and Syrah. It was fun and enjoyable to listen as the group inhaled each nose of the wines. As I taught the class about the wines, we noticed how the flavor profiles and taste differ with each glass.


The Spanish Wines amazed our guests by how delicious, vibrant, flavorful and delicious each wine was, especially when paired with each course prepared by our Chef. The burst of citrus, lime, apricots and lemon zest with our Albariño went great with the grilled shrimp course. The Rose was a salmon color with hints of strawberry and raspberry aromas was mouth-watering as you enjoyed it with the Guacamole, Havarti and chips. It's amazing how versatile Spanish wine can be.


Each of the red wines were unique with a bouquet of black cherry, hints of plums and some dried fruits like dates. Pipe tobacco and some cedar aromas filled the room as we enjoyed them with pork empanadas and chicken tostada. It was a fantastic experience for any wine lover to see how each wine is totally different. The taste went so perfectly with each mouthful of food.

Look, explore and discover the new wines of Spain and I know you will be pleasantly surprised at the way they are being made and shipped here for us to enjoy.

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~ Charles Visalli